Val plumwood a crocodile story

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Val Plumwood canoe

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Surviving a Crocodile Attack

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Val Plumwood

by Val Plumwood, from the book The Ultimate Journey | July-August In the early wet season, Kakadu's paperbark wetlands are especially stunning, as the water lilies weave white, pink, and blue patterns of dreamlike beauty over the shining thunderclouds reflected in their still waters.

Val Plumwood, who has died aged 68 from a stroke, was an eminent Australian environmental philosopher who lived life on her own terms, often in opposition to prevailing mores.

Ethics of eating meat

"'Part of the feast': The life and work of Val Plumwood", National Museum of Australia, 7 May "Your Worst Animal Nightmares: Crocs 2", part of a reconstruction of the crocodile attack, Your Worst Animal Nightmares, Animal Planet, In a cruel twist of fate Val Plumwood was discovered dead 23 years after she dragged herself with frightening injuries from the jaws of a killer crocodile.

“The Crocodile Story: Being Prey” by Val Plumwood “The unheard of was happening; the canoe was under attack! For the first time, it came to me fully that I was the Prey” Val Plumwood, SUMMARY: Val Plumwood, an Australian feminist and environmental activist describes a nearly fatal attack by a crocodile in her article “Being Prey”.

SUMMARY: Val Plumwood, an Australian feminist and environmental activist describes a nearly fatal attack by a crocodile in her article “Being Prey”. InPlumwood was canoeing in Australia’s Kakadu National Park when she noticed what appeared to be a “floating stick” however as she approached the ‘stick” she realized it was a crocodile.

Val plumwood a crocodile story
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