The story of an apple

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History of Apple: The story of Steve Jobs and the company he founded

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Apple STAR Story for Preschoolers

May 17,  · The original Apple logo from featured a hand drawn image of Isaac Newton under the tree where the apple fell and was designed by co-founder Ronald Wayne.

So why Apple? Obviously looking at the first logo, it. The Story of the Apple Star Years ago at a fall festival, I remember a story teller telling a really cute story about the star that you see when you cut into an apple.

When the kids and I came home from apple picking at the orchard today, I thought it would be a fun time to share the little legend.

In this feature we tell the story of Apple.

Apple STAR Story for Preschoolers

We start with the early days, the tale of how Apple was founded, moving on through the Apple I, to the Apple II, the launch of the Macintosh and the revolution in the DTP industry To the tech-industry behemoth that we know and love today. So sit back as we take a stroll down memory lane.

On August 2,Apple made history by becoming the world’s first $1 trillion company. (To read more, see: Apple is a $1 Trillion Company. Now What?) Here's the story of how the company was built and the man central to its founding and growth.

In OctoberSteve Jobs passed away at the age of This story is meant to be read aloud to the class with an apple for demonstration. Begin by telling the story, and at the last paragraph when the mother is cutting into the apple do the same, so that the class may view the star inside.

Steve Jobs. Co-founder of Apple Computer Inc. "Toy Story" was a certified smash hit when it was released in November Fueled by this success, Jobs took Pixar public inand by the.

The story of an apple
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