How to write a sad story about death

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How to write a sad death scene (please read)?

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For a reader to feel sad about a character’s death, the character must first live. Choose your details carefully to add poignancy to your scene. These are a few tips for writing a death scene in your own story or novel.

Sep 25,  · Tips on how to write a really sad scene (I want the reader to be nearly crying)? Okay, my character is going to admit that he caused, though inadvertently, the death of his brother.


The event has been foreshadowed throughout the story, and for the first time you, the reader, learns of it and I would like it to be really really, Resolved. The novel involves a death scene. A man finally gets to know the truth about himself then goes to bed and dies.

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Aug 15,  · You could write about a sudden accident or a illness that one of your characters suddenly has to deal with. A character who has to face a situation where a friend or family member is hurt or sick could cause your readers to feel very sad for them.

The character doesn't need to die, the struggle will be enough to make the story sad%(). Jun 21,  · Now your other characters are going to be sad for the rest of the story, with the demise of their friend (or coworker, family member).

Try to imagine that this character was your best friend, a parent, a sibling, cousin, anybody you once cared about%().

How To Write a Death Scene

Aug 15,  · Two Methods: Sample Stories Writing Your Own Story Community Q&A. Do you want to give your story or writing project a dark or tragic turn? Are you unsatisfied with your ability to write anything but happy stories?

With practice and planning, you can write a story that will chill and/or depress even your most lighthearted readers%().

How to write a sad story about death
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