Financial ratios not the whole story

Liquidity Measurement Ratios: Current Ratio

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Sortino ratio

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Financial crisis of 2007–2008

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Financial Statement Analysis

Financial planners listed reflect FPA CFP® Professional members who have created a profile. If a CFP® professional is not listed, this is not reflective of membership or certification status. Mutual Funds Fun Facts: The Expense Ratio Is Not the Whole Story That's generally if you're buying it from a financial advisor, but not always.

Some funds do charge a front-end load. A current ratio of less than could be a sign of trouble if the company runs into financial difficulty. Cautions in using this ratio When looking at the current ratio, investors should be aware that this is not the whole story on company liquidity. The concepts of solvency, sustainability, and budget impact are common in discussions of Social Security, but are not well understood.

Currently, the Social Security Board of Trustees projects program cost to rise by so that taxes will be enough to pay for only 75 percent of scheduled benefits.

Ratios that are based on these historical numbers may not be telling the whole story about the health of the company. This is especially true for asset-based ratios. Assets may be worth more or less than the value carried on the balance sheet.

Financial ratios not the whole story
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