Airbus a380 story

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Airbus A380

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Airbus A380 History

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2 days ago · PHOTOS: The world's Airbus A fleet (story continues below) Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn. Airlines that fly the Airbus A.

Airbus casts doubt on A380's future

The A is a modern icon that has flown overrevenue flights carrying over million passengers. This includes more than commercial flights per day, which. The Airbus A is the largest passenger plane in operation, and is still an awe-inspiring sight nearly a decade after it first entered regular service.

Stand at the end of the runway at one of. Apr 03,  · The one-off Emirates Airbus A flight from Dubai was to test if the Beirut airport was ready to handle regular flights on the superjumbo jet.

Share This Story! Singapore Airlines is the first airline to fly the world’s largest commercial aircraft. Setting the standard for modern passenger comfort, discover spaciousness with.

Singapore Airlines

Jul 05,  · Airbus is rolling out the whale-faced BelugaXL heavy-lift cargo plane to transport aircraft parts, but it won't be carrying pieces of the A jumbo jet.

Airbus a380 story
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Emirates flies iconic Airbus A to Accra to mark opening of new Terminal 3 -