A story of idas family from sweden and later migrated to the lake sibley of kansas

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Swedish Immigration to the U.S./Svensk invandring till USA

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A Story of Ida's Family, From Sweden and Later Migrated to the Lake Sibley of Kansas. Even if you have a story about their immigration and early life in the US it would help confirm their identity and make the link to their home parish in Sweden.

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Once that is made, Swedish records are pretty good back to the early 's (some are better than others). After the Civil War, the Swedish settlements spread further west to Kansas and Nebraska, and in almost 75 percent of the Swedish immigrants in the United States were found in Illinois, Minnesota, Kansas, Wisconsin, and Nebraska.

The extent of that development in Kansas is indicated numerically by the census ofwhich showed Swedes in Kansas, and 25 years later in the census ofthe highest point, when 17, Swedish-born men, women, and children claimed Kansas as their home. This family resided in Jackson Twp, Miami, INIndian Creek Twp, Story, IACollins Twp, Story, IA, and Some of the family moved to.

Fred (Carlsson) Carlson migrated from Västernorrland, Sweden to Kansas, USA. Lars Fredrick "Fred" (Carlsson) Carlson was born on May 23, in Heden, Varnum, Värmland, Sweden. He is the son of Nils Natanael (Carlsson) Carlson and Sara Cajsa Larsdotter.

A story of idas family from sweden and later migrated to the lake sibley of kansas
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